How can Erectile Dysfunction Affect Men's Sexual Life?
Publisher: Charles Wht
Date: 2019-11-12T15:30:59+06:00

Erectile dysfunction is a lack of strength in the sexual organ of a man to develop and maintain an erection. Some men may get a weak erection that is not strong or hard enough for a functional sexual experience. Others may not have any erection at all. 

The term erectile dysfunction is applied only when a man fails to get an erection in over 75% of cases over time. The term impotence can also be applied for men who fail to get an erection whenever they approach a partner.

The degree of erectile dysfunction varies in men. Some get an erection, but cannot maintain it, while some may not have even a little movement in the sexual organ. No doubt, the problem has a deep impact on the afflicted man. It leaves man disturbed, stressed, frustrated and deprived of intimacy. The intensity and level of impact are inversely proportionate to the age of the man. A younger man in 30 s or 40 s will feel devastated, while an older person in the late 60s or 70s may just take erectile issues as a result of aging.

How ED Affects a Man?

Erectile dysfunction is often associated with the aging process. However, there is no medical proof that shows a man over a certain age will face erectile dysfunction. A healthy man lives with a loving partner and has no medical problem, can have a healthy sexual life even till 70 s. Of course, the frequency of intercourse will come down, but that will not be a sign of erectile dysfunction. When the sexual life, of such a man, gradually comes down, it won’t affect the man much. His relations with the partner will remain intimate and deep.

Erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, can undermine the sexual confidence of a young man. It has the potential to create division with the partner or worse a breakup. The adverse impact will be greater for a man who avoids discussing the issue with the partner. It could lead to a less intimate life, less love between couples and misunderstanding in married life. 

The wife or the partner may develop the feeling that she is no longer attractive to the husband. A younger man finds it extremely embarrassing to acknowledge the erectile issue and confess it to wife. It directly damages his self- image of masculinity. The problem is that a married man cannot hide the issue from the wife. The wife will come to know, even if a man never utters a word about it. Then all depends on the response of her. A mature and understanding partner will find ways to deal with the problem. An uncaring partner may simply want to get out of the relationship.

For an unmarried man who is in a relationship, the erectile dysfunction damages prospects. The problem complicates when the desire to make love remains strong, but the man cannot perform. First, it affects only sexual life, and then it gradually spills over to personal, professional and social life. 

Some psychological issues that crop up in man with sexual distress caused by erectile dysfunction are interference with attention, concentration, focus, and reduced awareness of arousal. Just remember, sexual life is a vital part of an overall healthy life if it suffers you cannot live a healthy life. 

Take Steps to Treat the Issue

It is proved through studies that erectile dysfunction without treatment becomes worse in men who experience it. Only a few get back the healthy sexual organ without treatment. When a solution is available there is no need to suffer and damage the sexual life. 

The first step in treatment is acceptance of the problem. It will lead you to search for treatment methods. ED drugs are an effective solution. ED medications help a man to overcome erectile dysfunction within 30- 60 minutes. The drugs come in doses of lower to higher quantity to overcome any degree of erectile dysfunction. Most ED drugs come in pills for oral consumption with water before the intended sex session. They are safe and FDA approved. The doses are prescribed according to the degree and intensity of the erectile dysfunction in a man. All drugs have the same function; they boost blood supply to sexual organs to develop an erection. The sexual stimulation is needed for a hard erection for sex.


Erectile dysfunction damages sexual life. Prevent damage by taking erectile dysfunction drugs. Take medical consultation for correct prescription and never overdose. Drugs are safe for your health.