Let’s Define What Is East Ventures
Publisher: Maya Falla
Date: 2019-05-28T09:59:04+06:00

When it comes to talk about East Ventures Indonesia, you must have already had an answer of the question “What is East Ventures”. If not, then your visit to this site is the right finger-click.  East Ventures deals with the firms that provides fund for the startups to grow into the big business running on markets of adtech, commerce, media, software as well as mobile.

If you have ever bought something at Tokopedia, you would not have known that the East Ventures are the supporters behind. If you have ever order a ticket at Traveloka, you would not have known that is was also funded by East Ventures so that it can grow into a bigger ticketing business.

Now let’s find out more about What is East Ventures actually.


What is East Ventures? Based on Wikipedia, where we could find a standardized definition, East Ventures is defined as a global venture capital firm providing an early-stage investment for companies around the world.

East Ventures have been providing investment for five different regions in the world. Those are in the United States, Europe, Asia, Brazil and Russia. It spreads offices for its operation in San Francisco, California, Germany, China, Tokyo, Japan, Russia and Brazil to help the firms operate easily.


Founded in 1997, East Ventures which had its name as BV Capital has everything to offer for hundreds of companies in each country worldwide. East Ventures was founded by Jan Henric Buettner. This great person was the executive partner of Bertlsman and Wolfgang Rose.

Previously, Buettner built the multimedia companies called Computel, Videotel, and AOL Europe. The earlier fund was given as investment for internet companies. It grows for the second fund given to Sonos, nCircle, Angie’s List, Vuze, MrTed and PeanutLabs.

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East Ventures Facts

As the times goes by, the investment spread the wings to provide fund for the startups around the world. It touches the more global investments.  East Ventures provide not only a big fund for the startups but also an aid to connect with the potential partners, buyers, consumers, or other target markets related to the companies’ necessity. East Ventures also provide help if there is any difficulty faced by the companies.

Aside from the question What is East Ventures, you must also know that East Ventures support the companies and startup in indonesia from the very beginning, not only about to provide funding.

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In conclusion, East Ventures is very helpful to support the fund for the startup to grow into the large business. Hopefully, East Ventures will keep existing to provide fund for the goodness of the entire world.