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Mobile App Development Company in Los Angeles
Mobile application development is defined as a process of developing or making of applications for running on various smart phones that have android operating system as a base and this process can be done using many languages like Java, Kotlin, C, C++ and many more but nearly 60% of developers use Kotlin language for the development of an application. The tools which are used for developing of a website are android studio, gradle, sletho, AIDE and many more.
The four main components which together form the basis of Android Application Development are listed below:
1. Activities: These are defined as works which can be done using the developed application.
2. Services: These are the benefits which you can avail using an application.
3. Content providers: This is one of the key component in designing of an application because it is one of the deciding factors in the attraction of users towards an application.
4. Broadcast receivers: These are the receivers which are used to receive data from the sender end to broadcast it to the public.
Skills for android application development
The skills which are required necessarily for developing an android application are written below:
 Experienced in Kotlin and Java.
 Knowledge of Android SDK concepts.
 Experience of SQL and Git.
 Should know XML basics.
 Clarity of material designing guidelines.
 Android studio and backend programming skills.
Steps for creating application
Following are the steps you should follow for creating an android application:
1. Open the android studio and start a new project.
2. You have to select an activity then which you should select the basic one.
3. Give your application a name.
4. Make the language set to Java.
5. Click on finish.
Career in Android application development
In this modern era of growth everyday you can generate a satisfactory income by the skill of android application development as full time work. As time passes demand is increasing and only increasing. It does not see any lag in the coming years. It is also due to the reason that the users of Android operating system are rising to a peak. We cant see any downward trend in its users. So anyone can opt this skill as main income source in this 21st Century to walk with the shoulders of everyone. We can make our career in mobile app development company in Los Angeles in which different companies are listed below:
• Rightpoint
• Sileria
• Cleveroad
• Rootstrap and many more.


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#1 Best Mobile App Development Company in Los Angeles

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