With the rLaser hair removal deviceecent emergence of laser hair removal techniques, it has become the most preferred method for both women and men alike. Simply, laser is the best solution than shaving that causes darkening of the skin and painful hair growth, and it is also the best solution than wax and chemical methods of hair removal that cause In great pain when the removal is performed, in addition to that laser hair removal gives - after several sessions - much longer-lasting results than those traditional methods. Tajmeeli Pro offers you a group of the most prominent laser hair removal devices for clinics in the market today, with a detailed comparison between them, including the appropriate uses, technical specifications, advantages, disadvantages, price, and others.

Laser hair removal device

How do laser hair removal devices work?
The popularity of laser hair removal devices began in the nineties of the twentieth century when it was first allowed to be used on a commercial scale after twenty years of clinical trials and studies that proved beyond any doubt that this technology is very safe and there are no worrisome risks or collateral damage due to it. The working principle of a laser hair removal device is very simple, but its installation is complex and requires advanced technology to function properly and not cause damage to the skin. Laser hair removal devices for clinics (and also devices designed for home use) use a laser with a specific wavelength designed to target the pigments in the hair follicles, and as soon as the follicles absorb the light, they begin to collapse and gradually die.

From the foregoing, it is clear that a laser hair removal device is a very simple and practical way to remove hair from the roots without pain and without irritation to the skin and also without using chemicals that may cause complications to the skin later. While a method such as razor hair removal may give results for a period between one and two weeks, and a method such as waxing gives results for a period between 3 and 6 weeks, after performing between 3 to 6 laser sessions, the results can extend for periods ranging between 6 and 12 months, which is a period Very long and comfortable for anyone who chooses this technique, especially for women who want to have hair-free skin for a long time, or men who suffer from the problem of thick hair in large areas of the body.

افضل جهاز لإزالة الشعر باليزر

It should be noted that laser hair removal devices for clinics are very different from those devices designed for home use, in terms of their ability to work under harsh operating conditions (they must have a strong cooling system in particular to be able to work continuously), and they can also work with higher energy and provide different operating options to suit different types. From treatments and multiple types of skin. In the following, we review 4 devices for laser hair removal for men and women in detail.