The Most Comfortable Pool Temperature By Pool Heat Pump 2023

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Alsavo Pool Heat Pump with Inverboost technology is a highly efficient and reliable solution for heating swimming pools. Its advanced inverter compressor adjusts the speed according to the pool's needs, resulting in energy savings of up to 30%. Its smart control system allows remote

The Most Comfortable Pool Temperature By Pool Heat Pump 2023

What is a pool heat pump?

Pool Heat Pump is a special device that moves heat from one location to another with a small amount of energy. It works like an air conditioning unit in reverse.  Thanks to the use of thermodynamics, the energy costs are kept within limits. Heat your pool water with a  heat pump and delay the end of the bathing season a little longer! 

In fact, a pool heat pump has the advantage of transforming the heat present in the air and reusing it to heat the water in the pool. Nowadays it can not only heat water,  cooler pool is a eay case. Water at 82°F in October, does that tempt you?

Extended Swimming Season

Being able to extend the swimming season is one of the main advantages of the ALSAVO heat pump companies INVERBOOST pool heat pump. For the pool owners who live in warmer places, the swimming pool area can be used all year round with the help of a pool heat pump to enjoy the warm water, Yet for pool users who live in colder climates, when you have the interest to have a swimming fun play, you'll sadly find the cold water tells you it's not a smart choice. Alsavo pool heater gives you ideal pool temperature, temperature range

Heat pump pool heaters can help to control pool temperature and lengthen the time to enjoy swimming pools even in the autumn and winter season. Some end users may wonder about the highest temperature the pool heater could heat to. And for water sports players or competitive swimmers, all year round warm water is necessary.ALSAVO heat pump companies

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The Most Comfortable Pool Temperature

Generally, most pool owners would like to heat the pool to 28 ℃  or 30 ℃ with a pool heat pump, some may want a higher temperature like 32 degrees. For spa owners, 40 ℃  may be a more comfortable water temperature for better relaxation. Many heat pumps could heat to 40 ℃. Safety factors should be considered if the pool water temperature is too high. This is the data on an ideal situation, there are many other factors that may affect the heating temperature of the pool heater.


The installation location of the heat pump and the local climate condition is an important factor that affects the cost-effectiveness and the highest pool water temperature the pool heater could help reach. The pool heat pump will be more efficient in warmer places. And the INVERBOOST pool heat pump with high COP up to 16 is more efficient than the on/off heater. contact pool heat pump manufacturer

Weather Condition

The other factors that will affect the heated pool water temperature can be the local wind and sunshine conditions. The heat can be better kept if the swimming pool is with a pool cover. There is a solar pool cover that can be easily installed like throwing a blanket on the pool and it could collect the heat from sunlight and deliver the heat to the pool water.  Different types of swimming pool heaters.

Heat Pump Size

Pool size also plays an important role in pool heating. A suitable size pool heat pump will affect the heat up time, temperature and efficiency. Normally, INVERBOOST pool heat pump is a competitive swimming pool heater in the market, we always suggest the customer buy a bigger size so the customer can use smart and silent mode more, the pool heat pump is always saving energy and running quietly. Unless you are using it for a hot tub or Intex swimming pool, the mini pool heater is much more suitable. And the pool heater and its components can be more comfortable, the service life could be longer.temperature range perfect pool temperature 82 degrees 

In a word, there are many factors that could affect the pool water temperature heated by a pool heat pump, such as ambient air temperature, local weather conditions, pool cover, pool size, etc. As we mentioned, pool cover and solar pool cover can be very helpful to keep the heat generated from the pool heat pump.