Certified Nursing Assistant Job Opportunity

Are you a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) looking for a rewarding job opportunity in Los Angeles? CalVet-West LA is currently hiring CNAs with a competitive pay range of $20-30 per hour. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the key factors impacting this job opportunity, including job requirements, benefits, and application details.
Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs at CalVet West Los Angeles
Job Description
Certified Nursing Assistants at CalVet-West LA provide essential hands-on care to patients. Their responsibilities include assisting with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and feeding. CNAs also play a crucial role in monitoring vital signs, offering comfort, and maintaining a safe environment for patients. Their compassionate care significantly contributes to the overall well-being of patients in various healthcare settings.
Key Responsibilities
● Assist patients with daily activities
● Monitor and record vital signs
● Maintain a clean and safe environment
● Provide emotional support to patients
● Assist nurses with medical tasks
Competitive Salaries: $20-30 per Hour
One of the standout features of the CNA positions at CalVet-West LA is the competitive pay range. With salaries between $20-30 per hour, these roles offer financial stability and reflect the critical nature of the work CNAs perform. This pay range is among the highest for CNA positions in Los Angeles, making it an attractive opportunity for professionals in the field.

Benefits with MyChoice Health Services
Working as a CNA at CalVet-West LA comes with numerous benefits, especially through MyChoice Health Services, which include:
● Assistance in credentialing and application processing
● Reimbursement of professional state certification fee
● A+ malpractice occurrence insurance
● Weekly, biweekly, or monthly payment options
● Free direct deposit
● 24/7 dedicated consultant support
● Comprehensive health benefits
Job Requirements and Application Process
Essential Requirements
To apply for a CNA position at CalVet-West LA, candidates must meet the following requirements:
● Submit a complete CV
● Hold an active professional state certification
● Have a Basic Life Support (BLS) certification
Application Process
Interested candidates can apply directly through the CalVet-West LA website. The process involves submitting a CV and providing proof of state certification and BLS certification. MyChoice Health Services offers assistance in credentialing and application processing, ensuring a smooth application experience.
Tradeoffs and Challenges
Balancing Job Responsibilities and Patient Care
CNAs must balance various responsibilities while providing quality care. The hands-on nature of the job requires physical stamina and emotional resilience. Managing these demands while maintaining a compassionate approach can be challenging but is essential for patient well-being.
Certification and Credentialing
Obtaining and maintaining state certification and BLS certification can be time-consuming and costly. However, the benefits provided, including reimbursement for certification fees and assistance with credentialing, help mitigate these challenges.
Impact on Career Growth
Working at CalVet-West LA offers CNAs opportunities for professional growth. The competitive pay and comprehensive benefits can enhance job satisfaction and career development. However, CNAs must continuously update their skills and certifications to stay competitive in the healthcare field.
The Certified Nursing Assistant job opportunity at CalVet-West LA offers a promising career path with competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and support through MyChoice Health Services. While the role demands physical and emotional resilience, the rewards in terms of patient impact and professional growth are substantial. If you meet the requirements and are ready to make a difference in patients\' lives, consider applying for this position today.
By understanding the key factors and tradeoffs involved, prospective CNAs can make informed decisions about their careers and take advantage of this excellent opportunity in West Los Angeles.

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Intuitive Health Services is a leading healthcare provider committed to delivering exceptional
medical care. We are currently seeking a skilled and dedicated Medical Doctor (Internal
Medicine) to join our team. If you are passionate about providing high-quality patient care
and looking for a rewarding career opportunity, we invite you to apply.

● CV Required
● Must Have an Active Medical State License
● DEA Required
● BLS Required
● Board Certification & Board Eligibility Required

● Assistance in Credentialing & Application Processing
● Reimbursement of Medical State License Fee
● Highest Competitive Salaries Nationwide
● A+ Malpractice Occurrence Insurance
● Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly Payment
● Free Direct Deposit
● 24/7 Devoted Consultant

Healthcare $195 - $195
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