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New update v4.3 17 - Nov 2023

[Added] monetization system, users are able now to sell their own content like only fans.
[Added] directory system, users can view the site content without the need to login.
[Added] the option to choose the default landing page, NewsFeed, Register, Welcome or Directory.
[Added] reels system, users can upload their own videos as reels.
[Added] watch page, users can view and watch all videos from one page.
[Added] qiwi pament method.
[Added] payfast payment method.
[Added] switch accounts system, user can login to multiple accounts.
[Added] the ability for users to create ads in story system.
[Added] wordpress login system.
[Fixed] 95+ reported bugs in the system.
[Improved] code in few files.
[Updated] few libs in PHP.
[Improved] nodejs chat system speed and code.

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